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Sumeera Food Products has a wide range of salty, tangy, and yummy products.

Fultoo Original Style

Like the name suggests, it is THE original. So, if you love the unmistakable, classic potato chips, this should be your pick!

Simply Salty

Crispy, tasty and an all-time favourite when you want something simple to munch and something perfect to share.

Mast Tamatar

The tickling tangy taste of these delicious chips will make you ask for more every single time you taste these crispier. So get ready to eat some and share some.


Rich and international taste of cream with the Indian taste of onion. A perfect blend of different flavours. Share the crispiness and the joy of a tasty break.

Tasty Masala

The excitingly spicy taste of tantalizing chips leaves your taste buds asking for more. Get ready to have some fun and don’t forget to share some too!

Crispy Yummy Pellete Wheels

Onion Rings

The sharp stinging flavors of onion flirt with the tangy acidic goodness of tomato to create these irresistible onion rings. Enjoy its tempting delicious taste and lose yourself in the deliciousness!

Tempting Tomato

Go round and round with fun and frolic created by these tangy and tempting pellet wheels. The perfect tomato flavor makes it a snack to relish anytime and share anytime.

Mazedar Masala

The fiery zest of red chilies, black peppers and spices comes together to create a rollercoaster of hot n’ spicy flavors in your mouth. With its hot peppery zing in every bite, you’ll surely want to have more.

Range of gold fingers

Toofani Masala

A burst of spicy fun unfolds in your mouth to give you a refreshing taste of Toofani Masala. An amazing one to enjoy and equally amazing to share.

Dhinchak Panipuri

A taste full of masti and fun to match the experience of our best-ever pani puri. Enjoy the taste anytime you feel like and rejoice by sharing it.

Tangy Tamatar

The naughty taste of tamatar to tease your taste buds is here. Relish every bite of tanginess and enjoy every moment as if it is a celebration!

Mouth Watering Namkeen​

Farali Chivda (Spicy)

A perfect tea time snack. Relish the goodness of delicious crispy fried potatoes made with flavorsome Indian spices.

Peanuts (Masala)

Everyone’s favourite one, and no one stops at one! Give your taste buds a treat as you indulge in lip-smacking, spicy and zestful snacks all the time.

Moong Dal

Looking for a yummy and crispy snack? Look no further! An extremely light and easy to digest snack made of green gram is here. Indulging has never felt so wholesome and delicious before!

Sev Murmura (Bhel)

Yummiest snack made of puffed rice; treat yourself to a simple classic taste adored by all. Eat some. Share some. But we’re sure you won’t stop at one!

Peanuts (Salted)

You can never go wrong with a bowlful of salty and tasty peanuts. One of the classic and most-loved snacks of all time, eat to your heart’s delight and don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

Aloo Bhujia

A popular savoury and crispy snack made from mashed potatoes, chickpea flour and spices. Its delicious, tangy and flavoursome taste leaves you wanting for more every single time.
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